Apr 29

What You Need to Know About Health Insurance

Health is a valuable asset. Any setback to health due to a sickness or accident, a person has to undergo lot of financial burden and emotional stress.

Buying a Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policies cover hospitalisation expenses and gives cashless provision during medical treatments. The array of benefits provided by Health Insurance Policies covers medical expenses of an individual and family of the insured.

Health Insurance Policies covers day care procedure, pre and post hospitalisation, ambulance charges, etc incurred by the policy holder in the process of undergoing treatment and hospitalisation.

Cashless hospitalisation helps in avoiding the financial burden incurred when undergoing treatment for diseases covered under the insurance policy. The insured company have a network of hospital across India where the policy holder can avail cashless hospitalisation anywhere irrespective of city where the policy holder stays.

Health Insurance provides all round protection to family of the insured. A wide ranging Health Insurance protects an individual and family against increasing medical costs during medical emergencies.

Inclusions and exclusions of a Health Insurance

Health Insurance Policies covers day care treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy, and eye surgery etc., where hospitalisation for even a day is not required. If the condition of the patient is such that, it does not allow the patient avail hospital treatment and is confined at home. The insurance policy pays the cost of treatment taken at home.

Health Insurance does not provide coverage for any pre existing illness or disease. Any illness or diseases diagnosed within 30 days of commencement of the policy are not covered under the policy. There are other omissions for the first 2 years such as cataract or laser surgery, joint replacement due to an accident, dialysis for kidney failure, major organ transplantation, terminal illness etc. There is also permanent omission like dental treatment, fertility treatment, AIDS etc.

If the insured is engaged in a dangerous sporting like bungee jumping, parasailing, and scuba diving and sustains injury, such medical expenses are not covered. Treatments taken from unregistered practitioners under the medical councils are not accepted. Any treatment received outside India is not covered.

Additional Benefits

Health Insurance Policies offer additional benefits to the policy holder such as ambulance charges incurred while the patient is taken to the hospital. As an additional benefit Health Insurance covers the cost of cremations preparation and expenses incurred due to the shipping of body in case the death has occurred in other city.

Health Insurance takes care of individual and family medical needs and provides financial security to access best line of treatment without being anxious about the cost.


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