Oct 04

The Importance Of Boat Insurance Florida

For boat and yacht enthusiasts, there is no greater feeling in the world than coasting through the waters and feeling the wind in their faces. At the same time, they also know that it is important to get boat insurance Florida. As with owning cars and even homes, boat owners need to take the extra step to protect not only themselves, but also one of their prized possessions in case of unfortunate incidents.

There are various things that you need to look for when buying boat insurance Florida. In this case, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better, because low-cost policies usually have little coverage that you might end up being better off if you did not buy it in the first place. Make sure you pay attention to what the policy actually states. Some only provide coverage for as little as one year, while there are others that can simply be updated. There are also insurance companies that offer different packages for yachts and racing boats. Some premiums may differ based on the model of the boat, how old it is, and its housing location as well. Make sure that your policy has the following as a minimum:

Physical damage coverage. This will ensure that the insurance company will be the one to pay for boat repairs or replacement in case of physical damage.

Liability coverage. This covers the damage to the other boat in case of accidents;

Uninsured boat coverage. This covers the boat repairs and replacement in case you collide with a boat that is uninsured or only has partial coverage.

Passenger medical coverage. This covers the hospital bills and other medical expenses of people in the boat who are injured.

Towing and assistance coverage. The insurance company will reimburse you in case your boat will need to be towed or if you require emergency assistance.

A good boat insurance Florida policy will also need to contain coverage for flooding, hurricanes, salt air (which can damage the boat) and other natural causes and disasters, which Florida is prone to.

These are the minimum requirements you should look for in a good boat insurance Florida policy. While this might be more expensive than other policies, you can rest assured that the boat and its passengers will be fully covered in case anything untoward occurs.


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