Mar 29

Need Insurance, Nows The Best Time To Do So.

Boat insurance is necessary for all boat owners who live on or really value their boats. If it is something that you feel you must replace then you need to insure it. If you live on your boat it is absolutely necessary that it be insured. Nobody that I know of would want to lose their home?

Also the majority of boats are financed in the beginning. The lender will insist on insurance in those cases just as they would with a house or a car. This is not unfair or unreasonable at all , they have as much to lose in the financial sense then you do if anything happens to you or to your boat.

Some areas are more dangerous than others for boaters. While some of those areas are famous or infamous ‘the Bermuda Triangle’ and the Dardanelles others are less well known but can be just or if not more dangerous.

Cape Disappointment in Washington State is one of the most dangerous areas on the seas when the conditions are right (or wrong). You need to be just as prepared when you off the Pacific coast of Washington and have your boat insurance in order as you do when you are sailing from Bermuda to Florida.

While I contemplate the last half of my life, (I am getting close to that turning point) I must make some decisions as to what I want to do with my leisure years. I have many thoughts in mind but one of those options that keep coming to mind is sailing the world.

All of us need to plan for what we want. If I choose to go sailing I will need several things of those things that I will need if I do choose a boat insurance is the top of that list. Its not that hard to find some one to insure your boat. All you got to do is just take a drive through you town and look till you see the signs or banners for Geico or Allstate, Progressive, State Farm and ect. There not hard to find and you know for sure that you are bound to find the best deal on boaters insurance out there. So if your thinking like I am in wanting to sail the world, then you will need to find the best boaters insurance out there for your safety and just simply to save your boat. So don’t wait till its to late just get out there and get it done while the economy is still alright.

If that is the case I will happily spend my time sipping iced tea and spoiling my grandchildren. If I am on a boat I think I will see the Sargasso Sea and sail around the world and across the equator.


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