May 26

Insurance For Mobility Equipment

Many people fail to insure their mobility products such as powered mobility scooters wheelchairs and Stairlifts

For items like Stairlifts and wheelchair lifts insurance cover would mainly be for breakdown repairs. Repair bills can be very expensive for such items and getting hit with a hefty repair bill can be cripple your yearly living budget

Insurance for driving powered scooters / Wheelchairs on the main roads or public footpaths is not a legal requirement at this moment in time in the UK. If the Scooter is a Class 3 model you are required to register it with the DVLA

It would be wise to take out an insurance policy to protect your mobility scooter / wheelchair against accidental damage, theft and third party liability, in case of damage or injury to someone else or their property

Being left stranded from home! If you’re unfortunate to have your mobility scooter break down when out on a daily shopping trip is a common occurrence. Many owners never consider breakdown cover until it’s too late and they find themselves and their scooter stranded at the local shopping centre or bank etc

Insurance cover against theft is something most mobility owners never dwell on. One would think they would never need such cover. Surely no one would steal a mobility scooter? Sorry to say in this day and age nothing is sacred and there are now weekly reports of mobility scooters powered wheelchairs and other types of mobility equipment being stolen

Like most people we all think of insurance as just another money making scheme where the insurance companies can nail your hat on and never have to pay out on claims due to implementing high excess clauses etc.

With that said could you afford to replace an expensive mobility item such as a powered scooter or wheelchair if it went missing or got stolen? Very unlikely so take heed and ensure your mobility products are covered for all emergencies that could arise leaving you stranded and out of pocket


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