Mar 29

Independent Living Facilities Insurance & Caring For The Elderly

In the U.S. there are currently about 37 million people above the age of 65 living today. People are now living longer than before due in part to the advances in medical care and treatment available, as well as many people leading healthier lives. Many seniors still liveindependently, living separately in apartments and homes, which could result in greater risks due to their capabilities and limitations.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are considered as the main cause for death and injury of the elderly. Most seniors also do not follow the advice of their doctors to take proper medications, which can lead to various health complications. This is why senior living facilities are such a good option for many families. These independent living facilities also need proper insurance coverage in the event residents suffer injuries while in their care.

Because falls are considered as the biggest safety issue for seniors, the staff needs to be extra dutiful in providing safety measures for especially frail residents. The best way to avoid injuries due to falls is by training the staff to avoid hazardous situations. For example, they should encourage residents to use the guardrails in the bathroom and they should be extra careful to avoid slippery floors. Make sure hallways and walkways are kept clear, leaving enough space for walking in the home. In many cases, the chances for falls could be greatly reduced.

Pay special attention when providing and monitoring medication

The dispensing of medication can also be an area of concern. Seniors will often forget about the time and quantity of the medication, or even whether or not they took their medicine. Without proper supervision, seniors may not always take the correct dosage, but one way to avoid such mistakes is to make a chart with all the necessary details. Another way is to have a pill dispenser for each week making it easier to maintain proper medications.

While older people would often prefer to live alone, which is understandable, this is a risky thing for seniors. When living alone, there are more chances for getting injured, and there seems to be even more risk when there is no one available to help with daily functions.

Assisted living facilities can provide care, entertainment, meals and all of the things that most people strive to have. Therefore, in order to reduce the chances for getting hurt or injured, it is better to look for various living options like residential care orassisted living. Just be sure that they have the proper assisted living facilities insurance coverage because that is proof that they take full responsibility for the care of their residents.


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