Oct 07

Homeowners Insurance in Arizona can provide peace of Mind

Obtaining homeowners insurance in Arizona is something that everyone needs to do. This state has a considerable number of people that are retired and have homes that are paid for. These individuals may not see the need for insurance at all. This can be the wrong decision.

One reason that people obtain this coverage is that the property lender requires it when taking out the mortgage. This helps to protect the lender’s interest so that if the property is destroyed or damaged, there can be some compensation available. This isn’t the only reason people should seek coverage.

Weather anomalies like flash floods during the summer monsoons can severely damage a home. While these are considered rare, these happened north of Phoenix one year in and around the Anthem area. This destroyed homes and damaged many so that they were unlivable. Regular insurance may not cover this issue so people will want to ask their agent about the scope of their coverage. No one wants to have to demolish a home or rebuilt it on their own dime. More than one family has had to go into foreclosure or declare bankruptcy because of a badly damaged home.

Arizona lacks tornadoes and earthquakes but it does have some unique issues depending on where people live. Those in high country like Flagstaff could potentially have a large tree blow down in a windstorm and crush a home. There are also high wind areas that can more or less remove a shingled roof from a home in a very short time.

There are also common issues that can happen to homes anywhere like plumbing failures. A burst pipe can happen anywhere. While these occur a lot of times during winter when temperatures in some areas dip below freezing, these can happen when the pressure is not set correctly for the plumbing. This can cause a pipe to burst and flood the home. If the pipe is on an upper floor, people can expect more damage to occur than in a single story home. If the garage is located under the leak, cars, tools and other expensive items can also be damaged.

Fire can be another problem. These can happen due to electrical wiring problems, a fire in the fireplace or a stray spark that comes from outside. The damage can be partial or complete. Most people are amazed when they begin to tally the cost of items that can be destroyed in a fire. For this reason, it is a good idea to review replacement costs of furnishings on a regular basis.


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