May 31

Getting The Best Bike Insurance Deal

Much like car insurance, bike insurance has a lot of variables affecting price. Insurance is likely to be the biggest expense after you purchase your bike, so it is important to shop around for the best motor bike insurance quotes. Here are some tips to help you save money on insurance.

Type of Bike And Insurance Quotes

The type of bike and how expensive it is will largely affect the price of bike insurance. An expensive bike will cost more to replace, so premiums will be higher as well. A powerful, fast bike is also more expensive to insure because it will be capable of higher speeds. Bikes that can go faster are at a higher risk for accidents and these accidents can cause more damage than bikes at lower speeds. How old your bike is can also affect insurance quotes. Older bikes are cheaper to repair, but bikes older than twenty years old typically have higher parts that are harder to find. New bikes and classic bikes tend to be higher to insure.

Bike Usage

How often you ride your bike also affects insurance prices. If you only ride during the summer, you are less likely to have an accident because you only use your bike half of the year or less. If your bike is purely for pleasure you will be riding it less than if you use it to commute so insurance will also be less. Where you store your bike can also affect insurance costs. If you store your bike in a locked garage or use anti-theft devices, your insurance might be cheaper.

Personal Driving History

Any claims made in the last five years can also raise your insurance costs. Age is also a large factor, with riders younger than 25 typically having higher premiums. Women tend to be safer riders, so their premiums can be lower than for men.

Type of Coverage

Insurance ranges from covering only another party to covering yourself and anyone you may have an accident with. Obviously, the more the insurance company is expected to cover, the higher your premiums will be. Although it is cheaper to not to have full coverage, if you can’t replace your bike in the event of an accident, it is worth it to purchase full coverage insurance.

Many factors can affect motor bike insurance quotes. Before deciding on an insurance company, do some comparison shopping to see where you get the best deal. Be sure you get enough coverage for your needs and required by law.


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