Oct 08

Field Insurance

Field Insurance is a type of land insurance where the land that you are insuring is undeveloped pasture meaning that it is an area that is filled with nothing but fields, grass and most areas that are quite good for grazing. This insurance is especially useful if the public are allowed on the land and if there are regular visitors that walk across the fields either alone or with others.

This insurance is used to protect against any cases where the land owner may be held liable for any third party injury that happens on his land. For example if someone was to be walking across the land and they were to break their leg and hold the land owner responsible then if he had Field Insurance it could be used to cover him for the damages that were caused.

To get a quotation for field insurance you will need to know various things such as how large the land that you are insuring is (to the nearest acre), any former uses of the land, how long you have owned the fields and whether or not there are any buildings on the fields that also need to be insured.

Basic cover would be the public liability insurance for one million pounds (although if you do require more cover you can get a quotation for both two million and five million pounds of cover). There are also various extras that you can get on this insurance and one that is looked at a lot is Straying of Livestock which means that if you have sheep grazing on the land and one was to get free and cause an accident then the straying of livestock cover would help with that.

The prices for a years basic cover can start from around 180 and that is for the one million pounds worth of cover. The basic price is generally given for any land that is less than 100 acres large and that has no hazardous features on the land at all, so basically if it is just fields. However should it be larger than that or if there are things on the land then obviously the price would change to reflect that.


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